Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
PO Box 4666
Augusta, ME 04330


Phone:(207) 623-6430
Fax:(207) 623-6431


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Our Executive Committee

President, Jake Pierson
Pierson Nurseries, Inc.
Phone: 207-499-2994; Fax: 207-499-2912

Vice-President, Emily Buck
Plants Unlimited
Phone: 207-594-7754; Fax: 207-594-8510

Treasurer, Bryan Peterson
University of Maine-Orono
Phone: 515-509-8809; Fax: 207-581-2999

Executive Director, Donald F. Sproul
P.O. Box 4666 Augusta, ME 04330
Phone: 207-623-6430; Fax: 207-623-6431

Bill Crawford
MB Bark, LLC
Phone: 207-786-0600; Fax: 207-786-0800

Chris Davis
Davis Landscape Company, Inc.
Phone: 207-353-4848; Fax: 207-353-7033

John Jaques
Genest Landscape & Masonry Center
Phone: 207-239-2455; Fax: 207-892-2144

Peter Kelly
Seabreeze Property Services, Inc.
Phone: 207-775-3454 Cell:207-878-5404

Al Lappin, Jr.
Al Lappin Company
Phone: 207-839-7700  Cell:207-807-0525

Todd R. Marco, MCSL
Gnome Landscapes and Design
Phone: 207-781-2955; Fax: 207-781-5705

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The Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
PO Box 4666, Augusta ME 04330